Monday, August 10, 2009

Home Schooling Jakob

I can't take a nap today (or I won't be able to fall asleep again for the fourth night in a row.) So, I'll blog. I must voice my gratitude for nap time!!!

So, if you know me really well, you know that I have a hard time making a big decision and sticking with it. If you didn't know that, now you know. Marrying Leif was the easiest "big"decision I have had to make, and possibly the only one I haven't had the urge to look back and reevaluate the decision. I have concluded that it's just in my chemistry and genetic make up to struggle with coming to decisions and being content with them.

So, that is my explanation as to why two days ago I was determined to home school Jakob, and today we are planning his first day of kindergarten. Honestly, I want to home school Jakob. If it were the ONLY big project on my plate this school year, he would be home and we would be exploring the wonders of the world. As it stands, it would not be the only project on my plate this year. It is no secret that we are going to have one (or more) children. Because this is the case, this upcoming school year will undoubtedly be filled with moaning and groaning from Mama Baron about the ups and downs of pregnancy. This will be the Big project this year, and it is possible that we will home school next year. I am trying to be content with the decision.

I looked into our school's test scores. It is not just the bad morale of the school that pushes me towards home schooling. The school has only earned a 50% grade on their Reading and Math skills. The school right across the state border is at least up to 70%. To me, this is a clear enough example of why I might be home schooling my kids in the future. As parents, of course we will supplement our children's education at home... but what if that's not enough? We shall see...


Molly said...

I understand. New Mexico, as a state, is one of (and perhaps is) the lowest ranked states for education. The elementary schools my kids go to here can not teach anything but reading and math. They keep failing every year on their state tests, so the children never do history, science, and have very limited art and music.

I have gone back and forth and back and forth about letting my kids go to school or keeping them home. I decided to let them go. If I see they are not doing well or being pulled down by the system, I'll be pulling them out. Good luck with school. Kindergarten isn't a college prep grade. Don't worry too much. He'll learn what he needs to for this age and do very well.

Melissa F said...

I completely relate on the big decision issue. I HATE making decisions and sometimes almost feel incapable of doing so.
As for homeschool I think you do the best you can when you can and as you said you still educate when they are at home and if you make that a priority all will be well. I went to school in a small town with probably low test scores. We certainly didn't have the curriculum of a lot of other schools. BUT I did fine, went to college, graduated, and am an awesome stay at home Mom. :)

Valen Baron said...

You're pregnant???? Congrats! We are still trying....we will know in like 10-12 days...!

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