Saturday, August 01, 2009

Our Anniversary Get-Away

Leif feeling a bit rebellious!:)
We took a vacation the last week or so of July. Our wedding anniversary is that week so we took the chance to spend some time together ALONE! It was blissful... We left the kids with Leif's parents and we drove 6 hours to Providence, Utah. Along the way we enjoyed munching on treats (without any little voices asking us to share!) and we listened to the audio of the Twilight book throughout the trip. When we arrived at the Providence Inn Bed&Breakfast we were thrilled at how nice everything and everyone was. They provided all of the guests with treats and drinks during there stay, and the room was AWESOME! The breakfast was wonderful as well. We stayed in the Victorian Room, yep, BLISS!

We stayed over for one night. The next day we went to an afternoon movie of the latest Harry Potter, Very Fun! Again, just to sit together and not be wrestling with the kid's was a treasure. However, I thought that I wanted to be away from the kids for a few days. In reality, I was anxious and missing them by the next day. One night is good enough for now... Anyway, back to our trip, we went out for a yummy dinner and then drove down to Brigham City to Leif's family's Canyon Home. We took a long (uninterupted) nap and then sat outside and listened to our book together. By bedtime Leif's family showed up (bringing our kids) and we started our Family Reunion. Which will lead me to another post.
So, Leif and I have been married for six wonder-filled years. Thank you My Love for running away with me to celebrate!


Heidi Hamilton said...

Again - happy anniversary! Sounds like a great get-away. I'm the same as you - it amazes me how much I need time away from the kids, and yet how soon I really start missing them.

Sandra said...

Congrats on six years!!! Kevin was just asking me about our 10 year which will be next May.... WOW that makes be feel old! Anyway, I'm glad you guys had a great time. I love the The old rock church bed and breakfast. Did you get popcorn at night? We were told about it and couldn't resist getting popcorn sent to our room while we watched TV :) I know what you mean about leaving the kids for too long. Next week is Matt's wedding so Kevin and I are just taking the baby. We will be gone for almost a week. When we went for Scotts wedding it was great to be gone for a few days but this will be a couple more days so I'm sure we will miss them. Congrats again!

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