Saturday, August 01, 2009

Reunion Fun

The days and events at our Mark Baron Family Reunion are a blur. We had a lot of fun together. We missed our family members who weren't able to make it this year! We hope to get everyone together next year around the same time.

This first slide show is pictures of us just hanging out enjoying each other's company and the beauty of the canyon home.

This next slide show is of our unexpected, very long, bumpy, and fun drive up to Willard Peek. We drove in Erik's 4 wheel drive truck following a trail up the mountains to 9,400 feet up. Leif and I sat in the bed of the truck with Jakob, Victoria, and the big dog Kiefer. Leif and I got pretty sunburned and I wish I could say I was a cheerful trooper to the end, but we do have some good memories. One of my favorites is of our trip down and Faylynn and Stacy rode in the bed of the truck with the kids. They were much more cheerful then I, they sang songs with the kid's much of the way. The hills were covered in wildflowers there was also a natural spring running out of the hills that was Very refreshing. when we finally made it to the top we were able to see all the way to Idaho on the north and Nevada to the south, an amazing view similar to the view from an airplane. When we stopped at the water everyone scattered to go use the natural facilities, Leif wandered off too. However, he melted my heart upon his return when he handed me a bouquet of beautiful wildflowers. I had no idea that he was gathering them for me and I felt very lucky to be his wife.

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