Monday, August 03, 2009

Tornado Dreams

My dreams have been perplexing the last couple of days. I can only remember the dreams that take place towards dawn, around 4-8AM but they have all had a similar theme. In one dream I was trying to convince my mother in law that the wing of an airplane (that looked like a replica of the airplane the Wright Brother's flew) was not a safe place for Caleb to be strapped to. I was So Angry! No one understood why I was so upset, not even my grandmother (who randomly showed up in the dream.) Very Strange Dream. I'm pretty sure I had a tornado dream that night as well. Last night I definitely had a tornado dream. I was in a house and I looked out the window just as three tornadoes were forming out of the sky. Again I was with my MIL and another little girl. We had to climb under a tiny table for protection and I was frantically praying out loud as the tornado hit because I knew that Caleb was in the next room and I feared the worst and prayed for a miracle. I ran in the room and he was perfectly fine. However, there were two litters of puppies in the room and some of them were fine and some were not.

The last few nights have been strange to say the least... I'm trying to figure out where these dreams are coming from... Any thoughts?
At the moment I am thinking baby loss dreams, combined with the fact that Caleb isn't feeling well and I must have been pondering that, What my mother in law has to do with anything I have no idea. Maybe I feel like I just want to live in a bubble and raise my kids without feeling the need to please the people around me. Maybe she represents many people in my life, people I naturally seek approval from. Possibly??


Harmony said...

Strange dreams, not sure what they mean. You might just be tring to process many things at once. Glad your vacation went well we will contact you soon.

Sandra said...

Dreams are so hard to figure out. Our minds do crazy things. Just last night Kevin woke up and told me about a dream he had been shot. I told him he better not dream things like that.

Patricia Potts said...

Hi Lena,
I believe that most dreams come to us to tell us something. I have found a simple "recipe" for dreams to be very helpful. I wrote it up to make it easy:

Lena, call me if you want to brainstorm further! I was surprised at what my 2 dreams meant last night!


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