Monday, August 31, 2009

Thanks For The Motivation

WOW! I really had no idea how many people were visiting my various blogs. I added the feed widget to my blog and it's so fun to have an idea of who is thinking about me and finding my blogs through their searches. I hope all of you are enjoying your visits to my blogs. You give me motivation to update some of my more neglected blogs and keep them up.

Thanks for visiting!
BTW: I know that my last post was overwhelming. Thank you for your thoughtful comments and for enduring the moments that I dump my heart out on the table. My dear friend Harmony went beyond the call of duty as a friend today. She said that she felt the need to help me during my "baby Loss" moments but had no idea what to say. So she went online. She told me that she found a network of ladies who have lost twins and have formed a support group for each other. I am looking forward to following it a bit to find out some of their experiences. I know that my strong drive to have twins stems from my mind and body telling me that I have unfinished business to complete. It will be interesting to see what other mother's have experienced after losing their twins. Anyway, thank you Harmony for your love and support and all of you who are there for me during my Mother Heart moments;) May you be blessed!

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