Friday, February 18, 2011

Foto Friday - February Week 3

Playing Together on the Weekend

Have you ever wondered where your clean laundry ran off to?

Spring is in the Air!

A rare moment lately, and oh so Precious!

A good ol' fashion Valentines delivery from Grandma Baron.

Valentines Roses!

We had dozens of eggs in the incubator and only ONE hatched. She's a strong one!

I turned around one day and Caleb was eating an orange, peel and all! Silly Boy!

Precious Moments!

Just too Cute!

I spent hours baking yesterday only to throw it all out to the chickens! DON'T BAKE WITH STEVIA if you don't HAVE to! Ugg!

Family Fun!


Mandy said...

Have you ever tried xagave? It is the only sweetener my sister in law uses

Lena Baron said...

Mandy, yes. I usually use xagave when liquid/syrup fits the recipe. Otherwise I use xylo Sweet granulated (Xylitol). And they work great. But I had run out and Honey's only had granulated Stevia (w/maltodextrin for added bulk) and that was a nasty joke!!!

Sandra said...

I've never heard of Stevia. Love the pictures of them all having fun on the tramp.

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