Friday, February 18, 2011

Rough Day, Gone Good

Today was one of those days when bad things keep happening. Lately I've used the word SERIOUSLY!? a lot. Today it fit in perfectly.

JJ was up sick until the wee hours of the night last night. Once he finally fell asleep he was up every hour to nurse and be comforted. The "Seriously!?" started at about 5:00A when I was woke up to feed JJ, at the same time Caleb woke Leif up and needed a new diaper and clothes, AND Jakob came out needing new clothes because he had wet the bed (for the first time ever.) He dreamed he was awake going to the bathroom. Classic! Luckily everyone crawled back into bed for the next few hours.

Once the day started we spent the morning getting ready to take JJ to the doctor. During that routine Leif came in to tell me that Silky, our broody hen who's been sitting on some duck eggs, switched nests and abandoned the eggs. That was a bummer. Then, as I was trying to help Jakob pull some clothes out of his dresser I knocked over a candle that was sitting on a warmer. SERIOUSLY!? There was wax Everywhere! Such a mess and So Frustrating!!!

We made it to the doctor and found out why JJ's been so miserable. He has a terrible ear infection and RSV. We also believe that this is his second Periodic Fever. He had a fever and cold symptoms exactly one month ago. The Periodic Fevers seem to weaken the immune system just enough to get them sick if the opportunity arrives. And man is he SICK! So not Fun.

We got home to pick up the boys at grandma and grandpa's only to find Jakob curled up in their bed with a fever and chills and Caleb with swollen, teary mucusy eyes and nose. SERIOUSLY!? I called the doc and he called in a prescription for both of them. Caleb clearly has a sinus infection. Strep is running rampant in our community so we'll wait to see if Jakob gets a sore throat. Otherwise it's probably RSV, he's had a cough and congestion for a while. CRAZY!

So, we took everyone home and went to sleep! We had a good nap and then woke up and cleaned up the house. Then we had some quality family time! Grandma came over and she, Jakob, and I put a puzzle together. Papa made us a yummy treat (even though he couldn't eat it. He's so sweet! He's doing the HCG Diet and has lost 20+ pounds so far! AWESOME!) And Caleb and JJ watched Bob the Builder.

Papa took JJ to the hospital in between the fun to get his nose suctioned out. So hopefully we have a better night.

So like the headline says, it was a Rough Day, Gone Good!

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Patricia Potts said...

I love the darkness to light example! Way to go! love,me

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