Saturday, February 26, 2011

We are ALL Simply Beautiful!

I have something that I need to write about and I pray that the words will come. I'll give it a try.

Last night I was reading the latest posts on the blogs that I regularly follow. In one sitting I read two posts about great women and mother's feeling like they weren't good enough at this, that, or the other. Now, if you knew these women, you would know that they are amazing women. The truth is, we are all amazing! Now don't get me wrong, I am very aware of all of my weaknesses and short comings. The things that I don't do. The things that I should do. The things that I hate doing. But does that mean that all of my strengths and efforts are worthless? No.

Our community hosts a Women's Forum every year. This year the theme is, "You are SIMPLY Beautiful!"  Each year at the forum they honor a woman who deserves honoring. As I was thinking about who I would nominate for this award I began pondering the theme and what it meant. This is what I've come up with:

Simply Beautiful Is: seeing a mother at the grocery store with a toddler inside the cart, a preschooler riding on the outside of the cart, and a newborn strapped on mama in the snuggly. We all know the feeling and the experience.

Simply Beautiful Is: a woman who has suffered the tremendous heartache of dozens of miscarriages and has lived to tell her tale with the Light of Christ within her eyes. 

Simply Beautiful Is: inviting friends over to a "lived in" home to share love, laughter, and strength with her sisters even when the house might not be in ship shape.

Simply Beautiful Is: a mother with several children who continues to welcome more into her nest with love.

Simply Beautiful Is: a woman who raises her children in a barn, with joy. :)

Simply Beautiful Is: a mother who suffers from terrible clinical depression and still musters the strength to love and care for her family. If her family had any idea how hard this is they would kneel before her and call her blessed.

Simply Beautiful Is: a woman who drops everything to care for a sick child.

Simply Beautiful Is: a foster mother.

Simply Beautiful Is: a mother who has adopted her children.

Simply Beautiful Is: a mother who has lived through the all consuming sorrow of watching her child die and doesn't allow the sorrow to drown out the light in her life.

Simply Beautiful Is: a wife who has plenty of reasons to grind up her husband with harsh words but finds enough love for him to keep quiet.

As we read through our daily blogs or see the simply beautiful women all around us. Do not forget that YOU are one of these Simply Beautiful women. Remember that we never share or show all of our weaknesses and sorrows for the world to see. But they still exist, in everyone! This is part of being Simply Beautiful! Love Your Beauty Ladies!


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Great post Lena, thanks for the pick me up :)

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