Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Baby's Become A Nightowl. LOVELY! - 6 Month Update -

So here we are again. Third night in a row where JJ is still jabbering away on our floor. The last two nights he's done this. I lay him down at bedtime, he falls asleep, then wakes up and demands our attention. Yes, we're trying to help him fall asleep on his own. Unfortunately, tonight he has congestion and he puked while crying. That always scares me. So he's up until I crawl in bed. I know this isn't a huge issue. It's only 9:30P. But I do like the couple hours of kid free time before we crawl in bed. Hopefully then he'll sleep. Sometimes I have to smile in the middle of the night because I can hear him giggling and jabbering to himself. So Sweet!

Okay, I feel better. Thanks!

While I'm here I might as well give an update on JJ and how he's growing up.  Oh how we love our JJ!
He enjoys being on his tummy more these days. He'll roll around and wiggle over to different toys that he wants. When he's feeling good he can be heard wherever he's at giggling, jabbering, and talking to the angels. He's already a story teller. Seriously!

JJ weighs in at 17+ pounds. He's my biggest baby ever. Now that I'm regaining my strength I am able to hold him while walking around more throughout the day. That sure is nice!  When he's not laying somewhere playing with toys, sleeping, or being held, he enjoys his exersaucer. He also enjoys his swing at times. Although now he can reach the toys on the mobile and he loves to grab them and stop it.

So far he still prefers to breastfeed. But he eats rice cereal at least once a day most days. I've never been good at feeding the baby food to my boys when they can't feed themselves. But he doesn't seem to be lacking.

The boys LOVE their little brother. Jakob is a great example for Caleb of how to interact with JJ. So Caleb enjoys playing with him throughout the day when Jakob is in school. I will sure miss having a baby as JJ grows up... Except for those times when I won't;)

Well, he's acting like he might sleep. G'Night!

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Patricia Potts said...

sound like you and Trisha have a lot in common when it comes to babies who think sleep is something to avoid! May you receive extra strength in the days to come. Love, Patricia

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