Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Valentines Day, My Love!

There is something about your presence. You bring peace to my soul.

I love that you are willing to give of your time and energy so willingly to help me or someone else with whatever we need. No Complaints!

You never pick on me because of all of my weirdness or mistakes. I have always appreciated this and you have gradually healed a few broken pieces of me because of your kindness and love.

No one can make me laugh like you can! Even if it does give me hiccups!;)

You bring music and joy into our home. Thank You!

Very few husbands and fathers work as hard as you do with no complaints and STILL make time for quality family time. You truly amaze me!

Before I met you, I refused to let myself daydream about what kind of man I wanted to marry. I feared that he couldn’t possibly exist, let alone want me as a wife. Father knew my heart even when I hadn’t opened it up to myself. He led me to you and I realized that you were in my heart all along. It felt like coming home. I was complete!

You are so smart! Seriously, how do you do what you do!? How neat that my kids have a part of you in their brains. Looks like there’s hope after all!

I cherish the moments of being in the temple, reading scriptures with you, family home evening, Feeling the Spirit with you!

I feel safe with you around. I know that in an emergency you will have a clear head and do all that you can to keep us safe.

You are a peacemaker by nature. This is a gift and I am the one who reaps most of the benefits of this. As I said to you earlier this week, the kids will not recognize how awesome you are until they are a lot older. But I do and I Love You!

I LOVE when you read to me. Your voice is soothing and the time together is priceless. Someday I hope you’ll find a moment to read to me and record it (Just in case…)

I love being out in the community with you and watching you interact with the children. Their eyes sparkle as you visit with them.

Believe it or not, I love being in primary with you and participating in your singing time. No one does singing time like you. I DO love it even though I can’t keep my mouth shut sometimes. Most importantly, the children catch the vision you are trying to share.

How many husbands would go to work all day, write a school paper in the meantime, and then come home and fix their family dinner? Not very many. But you do! Thank You!

I love the last few minutes of the day when I lay my head on your shoulder and your heart calms my soul and sooths me to sleep.

I love hearing and reading your jokes!

I love that you enjoy Jazz basketball!

I love that you Love my family!

I love your chicken hobby!

It brings me pure joy to watch you playing with our children.

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