Saturday, March 05, 2011

Foto Friday - March Week 1

Poor Caleb, his being sick turned into a Fever Episode for the first time since his Tonsillectomy 3+ months ago. 
This is when you're REALLY grateful for AAA! They towed this back to their shop, only to find a loose battery wire from the last time they worked on it. Silly all around! 
DOGS! The Neighbor's Dog ripped through the fence to get to the chickens. Lovely! 
A typical post-meal time look for Mama's Mr. Ed (Caleb). I'm just glad he eats!
Jakob's last day with Ms. Buesner
Jakob's last day with Ms. Lindsey
Mama's new Toy! So Exciting! It even has a Gluten Free setting. Wish me luck as I try to figure it all out!
Isn't he Priceless!!?  He's growing up. He scoots around all day and sits up when we remember that he can;) He's so fun and happy! Oh how we love our JJ!
Well, we sold the bulk of our chicken flock tonight. The chicken's are one of Leif's hobbies. We've enjoyed this flock. But now Leif wants to try a new breed of chicken (Silkies). So we sold about 18 hens and two roosters. We kept our Special breed (Sussex) that we spent a lot of money on and can still get occasional money off of.  Leif and I felt a little tug on our heart strings as everyone was carrying them away. We've put a lot of TLC into those girls. But silkies will be fun too. And, our newest addition to our family homestead will be very interesting... A TURKEY! You got it, Thanksgiving Dinner is on his way! Fun, huh!? 

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Sandra said...

Just be sure not to name the turkey :) That would be difficult to have to kill him for dinner afterwards. Oh you were asking about the potty party. Pampers sent my friend this kit to throw a potty party. It had a DVD and coloring pages and coupons. It was fun but I don't think BriLynn cared much.

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