Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Home School: Our Habitat Journey

JAKOB: This past week we have journeyed through different habitats around the world. Jakob researched and put together a kindergartener size report about the Aquatic habitat and Sharks. I Loved listening to the different facts that stuck out to him and the story that he put together. To close the week Jakob went on a Habitat Journey. He took the camera outside and documented his own personal habitat. I LOVED seeing the world from his eyes. We made a slideshow of his photos and the captions are in his own words. This week we also used the website ClickNKids for Phonics and reading lessons (this was great during the moments when I could Not monitor Jakob.) This is well worth the small amount of money for a lifetime membership that can be used for multiple children. Awesome!
CALEB: Caleb has benefited from our home school atmosphere just as much as the rest of us. This week I noticed Caleb using a few more words. The cutest being "Amaaazing!" He also surprised us one day by naming all of the plants, animals, and insects that Jakob and I we talking about. This is all good improvement on Caleb's part as he seems to be a bit delayed in his speech. We are noticing though that the knowledge is there. He's just not sharing it readily. Caleb also enjoyed his Your Baby Can Read videos.


Heidi Hamilton said...

:) SO cute! I love that first photo of him right before he heads out - one cute kid! And my other favorite was the comment about the cobra - oh and the candy comment, too.
I'll have to do this with McKinley. She would love it.
So... it looks like we won't make it down to see you before Disneyland :( BUT I'm going to schedule it after we get home - probably towards the end of April.

Lena Baron said...

Dear Lena,
Regarding Jacob, I love the "seeing the world through his eyes" part. And regarding Caleb - my boys were both delayed speakers and are now advanced speakers. I am glad you recognize that he is perhaps a bit delayed but you are confident in him. Amazing what little brothers absorb when big brothers are doing something.

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