Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our First Week At Home: Using Moving Beyond the Page Curriculum

I have a moment (a rare occurrence these days.) So I'll give an update on how we're doing with our new routines and happenings.


So with that said... See Ya!;)... Just Kidding.
Let me give a few details.

We had a short week this week. The Big school had Monday off, which meant Papa had Monday off. So our first day was Tuesday (it's Thursday today.) So we've had three days of following the MBTP Program, Seminary, and Math. With playgroup and St. Patrick's Day mixed in. I think it's safe to say that it's been great!

I really enjoy the MBTP program. It's not too easy and not too hard. It doesn't take too long, and it's not too short. It's perfect for our schedule (around 2 hours or less). The only part Jakob doesn't Love is the handwriting pages. But that's just him. H would LOVE it if "Creative" handwriting was allowed. So, it is a tolerated Need for Jakob.

Our school week is Monday through Thursday. However, I'm going to hold school tomorrow for Jakob because one of the lesson's fit in with our family plans (we're going to a discovery park.) I'm really looking forward to the upcoming week as well. Jakob will love it, it's all about exploring our environment. One of my favorite things about MBTP is their Final Projects. The kids are able to create a project that is an overview of all that they have learned in the unit. LOVE IT!
MBTP covers phonics and handwriting. But probably not enough for very beginning readers. So I will be using another program to help me stay on track with Jakob's reading. I'll tell you about that in the future.
Wednesday and Thursday are Jakob's official Math Days. He goes over to a friend's house for a math lesson. THANKS Tammie!!! Randomly through the week I will be using our purchased math program as well.

And Seminary: Ahhh, that has been very special! I call it Seminary for lack of a better word. In reality, it's one hour where Jakob and I play some sort of game, craft, or activity that focuses on the gospel of Jesus Christ. I lay the babies down for naps, whip up a tasty treat, pull out the scriptures and the game, and we visit. This week we talked about the First Article of Faith. I was tickled to find that Jakob already has it memorized from Primary. We worked on a word search and a color by number page, all the while talking about God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and The Holy Ghost. We also talked about heaven, our accountability, life and death, the fact that Father created the Map back to heaven, Jesus Christ established the Way for us to follow the map, and the Holy Ghost is our guide (which tied in to our Wednesday school lesson on What is a Map?  This part of my day is just a big hug for the bit of sacrifice I make to have Home School with my boys. And yes, it is Very Worth It!!

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