Friday, April 27, 2012

Hard Things Do Pass!

I have so much to be grateful for. So much to celebrate. As you may have read from my last post, I often have hard moments or days when I wonder how in the world I am going to make it through the weakness and failures that I feel. But gratefully, somehow, better days and better moments do come.

After blogging the feelings I felt in my last post I laid down for a short nap. Soon Leif's mom came up and took the boys for us, and Leif and I went in to St. George for "a date." Overall it was a wonderful afternoon and evening together. As the days tick away towards the journey we're up against my emotions will suddenly take over at very sporadic and random moments. This day was definitely one of those moments. As we got on the road it didn't take long for my tears to start as we listened to music while we drove. Love songs, are so not a good idea right now unless tears are an option. I wasn't doing a very good job of expressing myself verbally to Leif for a while, In fact I was pretty much a brat. But luckily Leif persevered and helped me talk things through. I felt Much better after releasing the tears and talking for a while. It was so nice to be together without any interruptions. We shopped, ate, and then we went to a movie. We were only slightly irritated that our movie was canceled until a later time that night. It just meant that we were able to be together longer with a good excuse. We actually went to the store and bought a couple of fun little card games (Mad Gab and ?) We had a lot of fun eating our frozen yogurt and playing games while we waited for the movie time to come.

This moment was just one of many wonderful moments that have come since my Explosion post. I needed to share this moment to prove that whether soon after or much later, hard things do pass!

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