Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What Is The Word I'm Looking For? - Feedback Please! -

Dear Readers,

I need your help!  I am in search of a word. I need a word that I can use when I talk/write about Leif's year away from home while he is in school. If he were in the military, the word would be "deployment." If he were going on a mission, I would use "mission." If he was running away from work and school I would use the word "sabbatical." However,  none of those words apply to our situation.  So, my wise friends and family, I will open this up to you. What word would you use for this situation? I look forward to your suggestions!


Lena Baron said...

Comment From Lee Hunt:

He's going on a MISSION to secure his family's future!
He's going on a SUBBATICAL to study at a different location so he can get his doctoring degree.
He's going on DEPLOYMENT with the full armour of God!
He's going on a TRUANCY from regular duties.
You're both going on ADVENTURES.
You're going on a MISS-HIM while he's gone!
Love, Dad

Lena Baron said...

Thanks Dad, Loved your thoughts!!

Molly said...

I would use "training" or "school."

And I want to thank you for your comment on my blog. I was telling Hubby the other week how I'm sad because very few people read my blog and make comments. I want someone to read my blog and think, that was funny and creative and it made me laugh (or something to that effect.)You said exactly what I wanted to hear and you did it without me asking for someone to leave such a comment. You made my day. :)

Harmony said...

One of the moms in my homeschooling group has a husband in the military he is assigned to California but because he is close to retirement they are settling in Southern Utah. She calls what he is doing geobaching
a geographical bachelor.

Heidi Hamilton said...

Hmmm - "adventure" is the only word that comes to mind - or school adventure. ? Hopefully my mom chimes in here. She's pretty good with words.

Lena Baron said...

Thank you everyone! These are some great suggestions! @Molly, My pleasure, really!:) @Harmony, that's an interesting way to put it. Thanks again everyone!

Brandie Page's Design said...

Love your blog Lena

Lena Baron said...

Thanks Brandie!

Joylybean said...

He's going on an educational quest...Or his own 'Pursuit of Happiness'

Sandra said...


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