Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Leif's Deep Thought and other ramblings...

This is a papa/hubby post...

So I was thinking...(yes I know that many people may consider this dangerous and not recommended...especially for me...)  While I was thinking I came up with these deep thoughts.  They may also be considered incoherent ramblings, splashes of inspiration, idiocy, and many other names...

Many people may be upset now that employers, potential employers, school, and others may research who we are using popular programs like facebook, twitter, myspace, and many more.

This is what I think...

If you fear they will find you saying or doing stupid things, don't post them.
If you fear they will find who you really are, don't use these programs.

But even more importantly

If you fear they will find you saying or doing stupid things, don't do or say stupid things!
If you fear they will find who you really are, don't be!  Wouldn't you want your bosses, schools, and others to really know who you are now instead of later?  If you are a person of faith, let it be known!  If you are a family man, let it be know!  If you have a sense of humor, let it be known!  If you have challenges in life you over came, let it be known!

After reading this and you still are afraid of letting others learn about you, then start living a life that you should not be ashamed of!

I know not everyone will agree with that deep thought.

At the end of a day we should focus on what we accomplished and not on what we didn't.

At the end of day it is not important what we did or didn't do.  Everyone's days are inconsistent.  We all have good days and bad days.  But what is important is at the end of the day we should ask who we are.  Good people have bad days and bad people have good days.  At the end of the day ask yourself who you really are and if you like your honest answer then don't worry about the day.

Well that's enough deep thought for the moment....ok...I just thought of one more...

It doesn't matter if you are cut horizontally or into triangle or folded in half.  In the end you still are a peanut butter and jam sandwich.

Ok, time for ramblings...

As you may have noticed, Lena and I have been very busy.  Most of our focus and energy has been on getting ready for my move.  We've organized, packed, re-arranged, planned, wrote essays, shopped and more to prepare.  We have accomplished so much!  My hat goes of to my sweet Lena. As we have done this work, things on Lena's to do list have been neglected.  Rarely has she complained or let out the frustration.  It doesn't help that all the energy is for something that we are not looking forward too. (Me being gone for a year.)

It seems I have ran out of time to too do list is waiting only semi-patiently...

Thank you everyone for your support for our family and more specifically for your support to my wife!

~Leif Baron~

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Heidi Hamilton said...

Those were all great thoughts, Leif. Thank you for sharing. You are so good to support your sweet wife. We're praying for you guys!!

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