Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Tomorrow Just Might Be A Better Day...

Yesterday was a horrible day. Without giving you a play by play, I will just say that many of the good things that I had to look forward to like an appointment with a specialist at the University of Utah Hospital and more company to help me while Leif is gone,  were eliminated by the end of the day. And those weren't the only reason's that it was a horrible day. HOWEVER, by 6:00PM I was able to pull myself together enough to make dinner for the boys. That was an accomplishment, believe me. And then my Knight in Shining Armor practically had to pull me out of the house to take me to dinner (I was really a mess.) Thanks to Grandma and her willingness to watch the boys, Leif and I were able to get a much needed moment away and a great meal. I felt so much better!!

I woke up this morning feeling good. As the morning progressed the title for this post came to mind. The thought process went something simply like this: Question: "How would I describe the difference between yesterday and today?" ... Answer: "Don't lose hope! Tomorrow just might be a better day..."  And sure enough, it was!  G' Night All! Have a great Tomorrow!;)


MN said...

I had a college roommate that was dignosed with the Epstein Barr Virus while on her mission in South America. After going to the UofU and getting the right meds, she was able to finish her mission state side and then attended BSU and received her teaching degree and is currently teaching elementary ed as a ELS teacher.

According to her if she hadn't gone to the UofU and received treatment, she was seriously thinking of ending her life. I'm not trying to make you depressed, I just wanted to let you know that you are going to a great place for treatment. I hope all goes well at your appt and I wish you the best of luck.

Monica DeCoria Nelson

Lena Baron said...

Monica, Thank you for telling me about your friend!!! I have wanted to hear from someone else that went to the U of U. Technically, I just found out that my insurance won't cover any visits to the U of U. So if I go, I have to pay for it myself. But I'm wondering if that is what I should do... Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness! I hope all is well!

Heidi Hamilton said...

I'm sorry you're still not feeling well & things aren't working out how you want :(
Thanks for your example on turning your attitude around, though. It's something I really need to work on some days!!

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