Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Twas the Night Before School Starts

Twas the night before school starts and all through the house, the kids are still wrestling, including the mouse... :) Just kidding, don't worry, I'll stop the poetry. But the kids are still awake. It's so interesting how some nights can be so much harder then others. But I don't want to talk about that ongoing issue again.

Today was a fun day. We unplugged the computer last night so we all had to spend the day basically unplugged. And I felt blessed for the most part. It is especially hard for Caleb to go a full day without playing a computer game. Well, that's an understatement. It's VERY Hard for him to not play. So I knew it might be a hard day. Let's put it this way, I found a pretty sound proof location to lay down the law if need be now that we live in an apartment. The Van. We were riding in the van this morning and Caleb was crying and screeching because he wasn't going to be able to play computer when we got home and I kinda lost it... I yelled back until I coughed. "NO COMPUTER TODAY! NONE! NOTHING!... ..." I think I said it in a way that made it pretty clear that I was serious. :)  He only tried a couple times later in the day to sweeten me up and change my mind. Once he offered to give me some of his money and he even drew me a picture with two flowers on it. :) Tempting! But I held strong.

Today we played Tennis (I think we might get Jakob in to lessons, he really enjoys it.) Today we road bikes and walked on the walking trail. Today the boys got their hair cut at a great salon. They all handled their cuts great and the ladies were so charmed by their cuteness. The boys even got to sit in a massage chair while they had their hair washed. It was so fun!

It is so neat to be together every night for our family bedtime routine. Leif is able to make it home just in time to read scriptures and pray. There is strength in that!! And we are grateful for this blessing. Tonight was a special night for our family. Being the night before school starts Leif was able to give each of the boys a father's Priesthood blessing. I am always Amazed at how calm the boys are when Leif lays his hands on their heads to pronounce a blessing upon them. They sit so still and the feeling in the room is so peaceful and filled with love. It is truly wonderful! We were reminded this year through the blessings that the boys have special angels caring for and protecting them. They have twin sisters who are always watching out for them. This is such a sweet for our family. There is a reason we are here this year. We don't know why. But we have been assured through the spirit that there are specific reasons why were are here now. Truthfully, It is still hard for me to have to send my boys to a new school, Again. I miss everything about Columbian and Everyone we grew to love so much. But I can't deny the fact that we have been reassured time and again that we are in the right place. And so, we will continue to walk forward with Faith.

Tis' the night before school starts and all through the house, the children are Finally sleeping, and even that crazy mouse! ... :)


Harmony said...

Hope they have a great first day today!

Faith 'n Family said...

River really enjoys tennis too - She took classes this summer and very much enjoyed it - they are still two peas in a pod :)

Heidi Hamilton said...

The girls started on Thursday, too. Hate how fast the summer went :( appreciate the schedules and routines that school brings, though.

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