Friday, August 15, 2014

Yep! We Could Use The Help. - Autism Conference

logo and conference crowd
For the last several months Leif and I have been planning on attending the US Autism and Aspergers Association World Conference that will be held in Kansas City this September. Leif even got the days off from work. However, LIFE has happened and it's looking more and more like finances won't allow us to attend.

Today I spent part of the day feeling really bummed about it, and then I started wondering if we really even needed to go. What could they tell us that we didn't already know, right? I mean, we've got three little boys living somewhere on the Autism Spectrum and all with ADD tagging along for the ride. Surely we could probably speak at the conference! (J/K!!!)  No, I really didn't get that sarcastic in my thoughts. But I did slightly start to wonder if we were doing well enough that we could handle not gleaning from the resources offered at the conference...

And then I picked the boys up at the bus stop! HOLY CR**!!! We HAVE to find a way to get to that conference!! We need all the help we can get! I just turn off some of the stress while they're at school I guess and I'm able to breathe, think, and rest... and Forget?  - Crazy!

I know that struggles with Autism and Attention Deficit can be SO much worse then what we deal with. But ours are definitely enough for us at the moment...

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