Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Yes Robin, Surly Now There Is Laughter In Heaven!

My heart and mind won't let me rest unless I write about the feelings I feel about the death of Robin Williams. I keep pondering what it may have been like when he reached heaven after finalizing his life in such a way. Some feel that he most likely entered into a realm of hell fire and damnation. An instant consequence for his terrible mistake. Most just feel sadness and leave the rest up to God. But I feel like I need to draw it out in a picture some how what I believe may have happened.

Have you ever suffered through a trial so dark and so intense that it changed the very fiber of your being? During this trial were you ever lucky enough to have a long lost friend of the dearest kind stop in for an unexpected visit? And when you open your door to this friend they open their arms wide for you with the most loving compassion humanly possible towards you and they pull you in to a hug and hold you there while you cry and cry. No words spoken. Just a peace and complete understanding surrounding you.

I believe this is what the reunion was like when Robin Williams entered in to Heaven. I believe his reunion has been followed by several other discussions and filled with a remembering of what he had left when he was born to earth and how it all fits together.

I believe there will be decisions made, "judgement". But that is how it will be for all of us. What we must remember is that God is Just. But he is also a Merciful and All Knowing God. There will be proper consequences to all of our sins according to a judge who has Perfect Knowledge of All Things. This alone brings me freedom from judging, and hope in mourning such a sad ending to such a gifted man.


Harmony said...

This is so sad. The world is a little emptier now. I wonder if his genius for making others laugh was all along his herculean efforts to keep the depression at bay for so long. I think he fought an amazing battle!

Heidi Hamilton said...

I agree. As a niece of an aunt & and uncle that each chose to take their life, I cannot think God will reign down hellfire on those who are in that dark place & make that decision. He loves them as much as He loves us!

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