Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Great Grandpa Baron's Funeral

We had a nice drive up north (5 hours) to go to Great Grandpa Baron's funeral. We met up with Erik and Stacy along the way and had some yummy DQ Blizzards. We also appreciated Erik leading the way. Somehow we made it to SL faster;) We were also grateful for his handyman skills that he used to help replace a bulb in our headlights. It's actually a real pain to do. So THANK YOU Erik!!

We slept at my brothers' apartment because they're all out of town for work. So that was wonderful to have a room for us and a separate room for the kids. We also loved Jared's master bathroom. So nice!

We made it to the church the next morning in time for the viewing before the funeral. It was fun to see all of the family that we haven't seen for years and years. All of Leif's siblings made it except for Seth. And all of his cousin's made it except two. Very Impressive! Many had to drive a LONG way to get there and in short notice. It shows the Love that they have for grandpa and the love he showed to them. The funeral was very nice. Grandpa was a good man who became better as his life progressed. He was a hard worker and a diligent leader and service oriented man. All of his grandchildren (and spouses) and his great grandchildren sang during the program. We sang "I'm Trying to be Like Jesus" and "Love One Another." It was a special moment during the service.

The weather was yucky during the funeral and the dedication of the grave. But we all huddled together under the tarp that was set up and the prayer was nice. It was a short moment of reflection for Leif and I as we stood there. Our girls are buried right at the feet of great grandma and grandpa Baron. So it brought back memories. The pain isn't overwhelming anymore. Just a feeling of awe. After the prayer on the grave our little family lingered and showed Jakob the girls' headstone. We've been there before. But it was good to be there again. I wish it wasn't so far away...

The Relief Society provided the family with a yummy lunch after the service. That was nice to be able to visit more and take some pictures. All of the cousin's had their picture taken years ago (When Leif was around 8 years old) and the cousins lined up and took another photo in the same line up to go along with the photo today. That was neat to see them all together.
From Great Grandpa Barons Funeral

From Great Grandpa Barons Funeral

After the lunch Leif's family all gathered at the Canyon Home. We had a wonderful time letting the kids play as we visited. We talked about everything and nothing throughout the day. We often talk about the politics and current events in the world today mixed with gospel understanding and clarification as we go along when we get together. We also went around the room and talked about each family and their goals and struggles. Leif's family shares a strong love for one another. His parents did a great job with all of them. As we were wrapping up the conversation Leif's oldest brother asked his parents how we could help them. Truth was, none of us could even come close to returning all that they do for all of us. So, those who could went out and helped clean up the Canyon Home yard. Along the way somewhere they started a fire and we made Smores' and roasted hot dogs. It was such a great time!! Great Grandpa wouldn't have wanted us anywhere else, doing anything else. FAMILY, that's what it's all about!
From Great Grandpa Barons Funeral

From Great Grandpa Barons Funeral

From Great Grandpa Barons Funeral

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Sandra said...

Sorry for your loss. It's sad how sometimes it take a funeral to get everyone together. Great picture of you and Lief!

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