Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Life is Good: Day 64

Today was another fine day. Leif and I took care of the family and managed to find the time to finish a lot of our homework along the way. We have to finish it all before Friday so we're a little more tight in our schedule. But it seems to be working out. We had Leif's brother and his wife over for dinner tonight. We ended up going out for salad and pizza. So that was a nice treat to end the day. I am also glad to have been able to finish the photo collage of Great Grandpa Baron that I posted just before this post. I know it's nothing extremely fancy. But it is mostly for the kids to help them catch a better idea and remember who he is. They have a lot of grandparents in their lives so this will help a bit. Tomorrow marks another week further in the pregnancy too. So that surely makes life good!

1 comment:

Faith 'n Family said...

It's so important for kids to know their heritage, what a great idea to do a collage in memory of a great man!

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