Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Life is Good: Day 65

WOWSERS! I am so sore and tired. It has been a full and productive day. Many good things have come from this day.

I was able to go walking today. Thank you Mandy for taking the first step to call me!! So good to get out with a good friend. We took on a huge project today as a family. We tackled Jakob's bedroom and made it into Jakob and CALEB'S bedroom. Leif had to lift the bunk bed with his back and adjust the shelves under it as he went to get the bed moved into the right place. It was quite impressive!! We also emptied our food storage cabinet, moved it, and restocked it. That was a big job alone. And Then Leif took apart an extra crib and used the rail to make a crib for Caleb under the bunk bed. It turned out great and it sounds like Caleb is doing fine so far. I hope the boys will let each other sleep in the morning. We'll see how it goes. Either way, it needed to be done in preparation for the baby and I'm grateful for Leif's willingness to make it all happen. Jakob and Caleb helped A LOT too!
From Life is Good Count Down

From Life is Good Count Down

Leif and I were able to sneak some homework in the day while the kids napped too. Good thing. However we did get the call while we were studying that Leif's grandpa passed away. So that was sad news. We'll head out this weekend for the funeral. Tomorrow I hope to post a picture tribute to Grandpa Baron. He was a good man whom we all loved!

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Faith 'n Family said...

i love your countdown! What a great thing. Fun times and great memories!

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