Sunday, June 20, 2010

Life is Good: Day 53

Being Father's Day, I will take a minute to share my love for my father and my husband. My Dad has always been good to me. I know that he doesn't feel like he has been the best dad. But he shouldn't feel that way!! I have many wonderful memories of my dad growing up and on into life these days. I think the earliest memory I have is of him singing to my sister and I as we were falling asleep. My dad loves us, I have never wondered about that. What more can I say? Actually a lot, but I will leave it at that for now. I Love you Dad!

My husband is my boys' best friend. Oh how happy we are when Papa is home! You only have to read a tiny bit of my blog to catch a glimpse of the wonderful father Leif is. We are truly blessed! I Love you Leif!

Today we went to Leif's brothers house for a BBQ. It was wonderful! Leif took a couple of pictures this time so you can get an idea of why I like it so much there. These are of the family gathering grass feed for the pigs. We're surrounded by so much green. And it's so quiet and peaceful. Their neighbor has a row of Poppies in their yard that were beautiful!
From Life is Good Count Down

From Life is Good Count Down

From Life is Good Count Down

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