Monday, June 07, 2010

Life is Good: Day 66

Hmmm? Which reason do I choose? Today was a good day. There were a few bummers and some sad news. So the good that came in the day seems really good! Jakob started swimming lessons today. Unlike last year, He LOVED it. My Community College classes started today. It was hard to get all the little hiccups taken care of with logging in and such. But Leif saved the day as well as a prompt IT guy on the school's end. So glad that's worked out. I am taking Intro to Literature and Intro to Word 2007. I will be busy, but it should be do-able. Today We decided to take a trip to the Manti Pageant this month with my sister and my parents. That should be a lot of fun! And then the sad news came, Leif's grandpa is in a coma and will be passing on within the week. He has been unwell for a long time. But the end is never fun. We will take a trip North for his funeral and maybe we'll stay longer and catch a family reunion on my side. It would be fun and nice to visit. But we just have to see...

It was a Very Hot day today. So this is where my feature "goodness" of the day will come in:
Leif searched the property (our piles and his parents piles) and he found an old but working window air conditioner. We do have one already. But it doesn't overcome the 100 degree temps. So this was a much needed and very much appreciated find. It is NOT small or light either. It took a lot of strength and maneuvering to get it in the window. And Leif did it on his own (I held the cord and he says that it made a difference. But I think he's the muscle that made it work.)
So there it is folks, Life is better today because of a thoughtful husband and a life saving invention such as the Electric Air Conditioner.

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Melonee said...

I love the Manti Pagaent! And yay for A/C and handy hubbies that can solve just about any problem-- Baron men are fabulous!

The news about Grandpa Baron is so sad. We'll be travelling down for the funeral-- always a sad reason to gather, but nice to get to see family and relatives.

Molly said...

When was Ian voted out of the family? Why has no one told him? For five years he called Grandpa every week, but since Grandpa moved into the nursing home, Ian hasn't called as often because Grandpa doesn't remember him and it hurts Ian so much. He has been trying to call his parents for about 3 days and can't get ahold of anyone. Please ask them to call him tonight. He needs to hear this from them.

Heidi Hamilton said...

Sorry to hear about Grandpa Baron.

Glad to hear about your extra A/C unit! Blessing!

Your life is good reminders are great, Lena.
Love ya!

Leif Baron said...

Mom and Dad found out yesterday afternoon. Dad was fairly upset and sent everyone emails. He didn't call anyone. Sorry you and Ian had to find out this way.

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