Sunday, June 06, 2010

Life is Good: Day 67

Today was another very hot day. Our house was almost 90 degrees when we got home from church today. We decided that it was the perfect day to drive north and up 2000 feet in elevation to Leif's brother's house. It is so peaceful there. It's at least 10 degrees cooler, trees and hay fields are mingled amidst the country homes in the town. No dogs barking or racing cars. Only birds, horses, cows, and an occasional wild turkey during the day and crickets at night to serenade. The whole town is a valley within a ridge of mountains topped with red rocks which are actually the back view of Bryce Canyon. So they have a stunning view to top it all off.

We sat together and visited over a yummy meal and then roasted marshmallows in their fire pit and enjoyed smores for dessert. It was all so wonderful! I even finished sewing Jakob's car seat cover while we visited.

And to close our great day Jakob was his ever talkative and inquisitive self and we had a full lesson of astronomy on the way home as the stars were clear and bright. A wonderful day indeed!
From Life is Good Count Down

I found this picture/painting online and it is an nice rendition of the town of Alton. However, this is in the Fall (I would think) because right now in the early summer everything is Very Green!

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