Saturday, January 01, 2011

A boy's Heaven...

This is Papa blogging tonight...

This is a little bit of a conversation I had with Jakob as I put him to bed tonight. We had just got done reading a couple of verses from the scriptures. Overall the verses were about how if you make bad choices you have a bad after life, if you make good choices you go to Heaven. (Yes that if VERY simplified.)

Jakob asked, "What is the bad place like?"

I sat pondering for a little bit, but he answered his own question. "Is that where you can't be with your family?"

"Yes" I said.

Then I told him in Heaven we get to be with our families, we will be able to fly, or go back in time...

This got him really excited. "I want to go back and ride a dinosaur and race a flying dinosaur!" "It can be a family trip!!"

Then he continued..."In heaven can we have the same house?" (Yes he is talking about our little barn.) :) I said, "Maybe Heavenly Father will build us a nice big house."

Then he responded, "Maybe we can build our own house, we can have magic and we just have to think it and poof it is there!!!"

I said, "Maybe...we will just have to work on getting to Heaven"

"But it is so long away" Jakob quipped.

"But at least we're together as a family now" I responded.

"But we can't fly or go back in time now!" Jakob exclaimed.

"We'll just have to wait and do our best."

After this it was time for prayer. Jakob has had a bit of a hard time holding still during prayers lately, but tonight when I said we were going to pray Jakob quickly folded his arms, bowed his head and held perfectly still for prayer. I guess now that he knows Heaven is so great he is going to work hard to get there.

Just thought I'd share! Love ya all!

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