Monday, January 17, 2011

New Found Energy - Could It Be Gluten Free?

Things have been interesting since I posted last. I received a great blessing. ENERGY! I'm not exactly sure how it happened other then an answer to prayer. I woke up on Thursday and I decided to start cleaning the house. Not just surface cleaning. REALLY cleaning. Gutting things out cleaning. Vacuuming from top to bottom cleaning. No dust left cleaning. Ten bags of garbage and Thrift Store cleaning. And it feels AMAZING! By Friday night I had worn Leif out with all of the "Honey-Do's.' At one point he asked how I got all of the new found energy. I was wondering the same thing.

We still have more to do. But it feels so good to walk in to a less cluttered, more organized house. When it comes to how I feel, I'm feeling better. Obviously. I still have a lot of pain (especially as I am trying to get out of bed.) But during this last weekend I tested to see if eating Gluten-Free helped me at all. I wasn't perfect. But I'm wondering if it played a role in my energy and motivation level.

Today we cleaned out all of the cupboards and will give away all of the food that is not Gluten-Free. Saturday we went shopping so we can try to go Gluten-Free and see if it makes any difference for me or the kids (Leif doesn't think it will make a difference either way for him.) We shall see. Last night as we were going through the bedtime routine I announced that we were going to conduct a science experiment. I knew this was a good way to get Jakob on board. I told him that we were going to eat certain foods to see if they help me feel better and we would not eat certain foods to see if they were the foods making me sick. Today Leif called me and Jakob answered the phone. Leif asked him what I was doing (I was clearing out the cupboards) Jakob told Leif I was working on my Science Project. :)

Life is busy and ever-changing. We are working on getting the family healthy. New eating habits, new battery operated toothbrushes, dentist appointments, allergy testing (hopefully), an upper GI scope for Leif (he's had problems for a while with his stomach or something.) Along with all of this Leif starts classes tomorrow. AND we have to apply for nursing school and a scholarship. Never a dull moment. I sure hope things only continue to get better!


Sandra said...

I want to know how the experiment turns out :) Good luck with school starting.

Janee said...

Could be!

I cut out red meat and dairy in my diet (sort of had to with the dairy since I'm lactose intolerant), but it's made a world of difference in my overall health!

Maya recently had a chronic cough for like over a month and before seeing an allergist I decided to cut dairy from her diet and the cough resolved itself.

Anyway, hope you continue feeling better! I'm interested in seeing how your experiment turns out!

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