Monday, January 31, 2011

NieNie's Job Balls Idea: LOVE IT!

I read NieNie's Job Balls post this morning and I Love the idea! I'm going to try it out. It is similar to our "papers" idea. I'm not sure I even blogged about it, but it worked very well. I just want to change it up a bit. Our papers idea was a plan to get Jakob to do things the very first time we asked him, without saying ANYTHING, it was a goal to hear "Okay Mom" instead of "uuggphh BUT I..."  I had written a few rewards on slips of paper (extra Wii, Computer, Movie, Later bedtime, etc.) Randomly when I caught Jakob following directions the first time I told him he could choose a paper. He LOVES it! But it's gotten to the point that he says, "Okay!" and then under his breath we hear, "so I can get a paper."  I'm thinking it's time for a change and I'm going to try this idea from Stephanie.

Job Balls:
"Asking my little children nicely to do things around the house wasn't cutting it anymore. I needed something genius. Something that would work. Something down right fun. So I came up with a plan. It had to do with colorful balls. And it had to work. I wrote jobs down on the 50 soft golf ball sized balls. I have to admit coming up with 50 jobs became hard...after about the 25th one I was writing jobs such as:  "hug sister" or "pick up 10 strands of Jimmy hair on the couch.  I am making a tally of all the jobs done, and whoever has the most tallies, gets to pick out a treat.  Works for them, works for me. Hopefully this will last longer than a few weeks. "  - NieNie


Sandra said...

Thats a fun idea. We have done mommy and daddy bucks which is working great for us but I like the job balls. They could grab one and do it for extra bucks.

Sandra said...

I found these ones randomly searching

Faith 'n Family said...

Great Idea!

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