Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Carsickness and Cavities

Yesterday we took a little road trip to a pediatric dentist for Jakob. We live in a tiny little town. So we drove for an hour and a half to get there. Last time we went the kids bugged each other the whole time, Jakob complained that the sun was in his eyes, the baby cried a lot ... You know the story.

So this time we thought we'd plan ahead. We picked up the Netflix, turned on a movie, and put a blanket in Jakob's window. Ahhh, no worries this time, right? Uhhh, Barf bags anyone? Are YOU SERIOUS!? Yes, about 15 minutes away from the dentist Jakob started complaining about being carsick. This isn't too uncommon for him. The thing you watch for with Jakob is his face. If he goes pale, you know you have a Very Short window before he pukes. Well he wasn't pale yet. But I was still trying to find something for him to puke in. And then I heard something strange from Caleb. I look back at him and HE had Puked! I couldn't believe it! So I was bending over my seat cleaning up Caleb as we came into the dentist parking lot. Jakob opens the door and pukes all over their driveway. LOVELY!

I really need to store Ziplock Bags under my seat.

Jakob met with dentist and sadly he told us that Jakob has 8 cavities. He gets those genetics from Papa (his dad.) I have Horrible teeth. But mine skip the cavity stage and just fall apart. The boys collect plaque and get cavities. Even with good hygiene. So they'll cap all of his molars and we'll hope for the best. JOY!


Heidi Hamilton said...

:( OH, I'm so sorry, Lena. Cringe. Not fun.
We're going to the dentist on Friday & we haven't been in about a year & a half. Yeah... I'm trying to be optimistic, but I don't know. We may end up in the same boat.
Hope things are looking up for you!

Sandra said...

Yikes, thats no fun. Danika gets car sick.I give her a motion sickness pill before we leave and she has been better. I think it's just the canyons that get to her because she does great when we drive to Missouri. I still keep a stash of bags in the car just in case. Bummer about the cavities, it's a bummer to put money into teeth that are just going to come out. On the brighter side one puked outside the car.

Janee said...

Eeeek! That's never fun! Hope everyone's feeling better!

I have HORRIBLE teeth. Every time I go to the dentist I have a ton of cavities :(

Hopefully the kids have Dan's teeth. We took Maya for her check up and cleaning and no cavities. Whew. Hopefully it'll stay that way!

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