Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Now That’s More Like It! Gluten and Fever Gone

I woke up Sunday after intentionally eating pizza Saturday night (which is filled with wheat flour and gluten.) and was at my “Hit by a Truck” level of pain by noon.  I quickly realized that I really hoped the whole episode would end and regretted conducting the “experiment" in the first place.  So I got online to find out how long the gluten would stay in my system if that was what was causing the pain and exhaustion. I found out that it could be up to three days until the gluten was out of my body. So I did the math and told myself to hang on until Wednesday. If I was still dying by Wednesday then I would have to rethink the whole gluten/wheat theory as to why I am so sick. 

Well, it’s Wednesday and I woke up and did YOGA! WAHOO!!  Then, I Cleaned The House! Then, I had a friend and her kids over for lunch! Then I went with Leif to clean our filthy double stroller at the car wash. Then I came home and made dinner. Then I cleaned it up. Then I showered. Then I packed Jakob’s lunch. And now I’m blogging up a storm and still feel good! Isn’t that AWESOME!!!???  Yes, I’m thinking it is very cool!

During the three days of horrible pain and fatigue I also had a fever and swollen lymph nodes in my arm pits (gross I know.) My temp has stayed at 98.6-98.7 all day today. And the lymph nodes are almost un-noticeable as well. 

So, my conclusion is again that either wheat or gluten are poison for me, or the timeframe of a Periodic Fever Syndrome episode just happened to hit right at the time that I was glutened.

Guess what! I might not even have to re-gluten myself to find out.  One of the doctors at our clinic has just started taking patients for allergy testing and consultation. So I made an appointment for Monday (5 days from now.) I’m really hoping to get some clear answers soon.

It’s nice to have some strength back!

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Sandra said...

I'm glad you have found whats causing the pain. My friend has stopped eating gluten foods and it's amazing how much better she feels. Good luck with the other testing.

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