Monday, September 08, 2008

Jakob Started Dance Class Today!

Well, I feel good about the day. My mother in law and I decided to spend today doing the things that we needed to do and then spend tomorrow taking the test that I need to take.

I was able to get the house clean, do some shopping, and take Jakob to his first day of dance class. It feels good to go to bed with a clean house!!

Jakob really enjoyed his dance class. Leif and I stuck around and watched. It was an eye opener. He did just fine. It was cute. But it was interesting to see Jakob in the class setting from a far distance. He was the only boy in his class, so I wasn't surprised that he had a bit more energy then some of the girls. It was also his very first time learning any type of dance technique. It will be so good for him. His little body is still trying to grasp coordination and balance. So this will be really good. He will require practice outside of the class if we want him to grasp any of what the teacher is trying to teach him.

We made a balance beam for Family Home Evening tonight. We then spent the evening going through some of the things the teacher taught Jakob and played on the balance beam. He really enjoyed having Leif and I so actively focused on him. It was good for me to get up and be more active. I have never taken a dance class or anything like it. So "grace" is not in my physical nature. So Jakob and I will learn together.

This class is technically ballet and Jazz. But to 4 year old's, it's just dance!


Sandra said...

Did Jacob ask to take dance? I've never had my kids ask to be in dance but they have wanted to take guymnastics. I grew up with dance and loved it. I miss it!!! I would love to put Danika in Piano but it's expensive. Thats great that you could spend some one on one time with him. Oh and woo hoo on a clean house, I love those fifteen minutes that it stays clean he he.

Lena Baron said...

Jakob LOVES to dance! At the time that we decided to put him in dance I don't think he knew that there was such a thing as a "Dance Class." But he knew that he loved to dance and wanted to dance all the time. So, we took the initiative and put him in a class. It's been fun "practicing" each night.

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