Sunday, September 07, 2008

Test Results

We had everything planned out for my "Testing Day" so I would be able to feed Caleb enough times and make it to all of the tests in one day before the school closed. Well, our plan didn't go exactly as planned. I sat in the audiologist office for 2 hours. So that messed everything up. But I did get the results back from my Dexa Scan (bone density.) My bones are at T -2.0. What that means is that I am half a point better then Osteoporosis. This may sound terrible to you, but my sister is only 2 years older then me and she is at a T -2.9 and officially has Osteoporosis. So I consider myself lucky!

I did eventually get in to take my hearing exam. I was surprised when he told me my hearing is perfectly normal. Honestly, I am questioning his opinion and am going to look into some things he mentioned. But, I do take it as good news that he didn't immediately detect a problem. He just told me to focus better when people are talking to me:) Gee...thanks!

I still have my college entrance exam test I need to take. So I will try to fit it in tomorrow. Problem is it is a 45 minute drive to get there, Leif is working, and I have the kids. I might have to take Caleb with me and they'll just have to deal with it. We'll see what happens. I would leave Caleb, but he refuses to take a bottle. Leif did get some pumped milk into him using a syringe on Friday. There's six teaspoons in one ounce. He only eats about 2 ounces per feeding... a syringe might work.:)


Steph said...

I know this is the wrong entry to comment on but I'm bad at looking at past entry comments, so I will comment on this one about a past entry...Confused yet? Okay, so I love your Christmas idea, I even talked to Scott about it. I want to start stuff like that before the kids come along so that they won't know the difference until they are older, and then we'll deal with that problem them. But I think that everything is so commercialized anymore and even some great families don't teach their children what Christmas is all about, and it's all about material things. So hats off to you for starting that tradition and thank you for the great idea to start that!

Sandra said...

Were you able to make it there? Did you take Caleb?

Molly said...

Maybe you have what I have, Selective Hearing Disorder. Ian gets annoyed when I'm reading or in deep thought and I don't hear him or the kids talking to me.

I think you might be over doing it this semester. Caleb is still so young. Is he eating any solids yet? My little one loves her baby food. That might help him get through some time. I want to go back to school too, but I've decided to wait another year or two. My priority is my very small children right now. When they are older and not so dependent on me, then I will make time for myself. It is hard on me, but they are worth it.

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