Friday, September 19, 2008

Little One's Got The Flu

Wowsers! I think Caleb has the flu. I feel so bad for him. He no longer has a fever. But he is still really sick. He's thrown up all over the world at least 3 times. Last night and in to the morning was a nightmare. Our best hour is the hour directly after him throwing up.

He just lays around and moans. Leif and his dad gave him a blessing this afternoon. I hope he starts to feel better soon!!!

I made a lotion with garlic and lavender oil. It doesn't smell as bad as GOOT and it spreads easier. Hopefully that will help too!

Jakob has been really cute lately. Let's see if I can remember the cute moments...

He's starting to draw pictures of faces. He just brought me one that has eyes, ears, and a nose, with ears that stick out on sticks from the head. It's really cute! I love all of the color he uses too.
Yesterday Jakob was practicing his dance moves all day. We would ask him to walk somewhere and he would do his side skips to the destination instead. It was very cute!


Wendy Babcock said...

I haven't had to deal with vomit yet, but I understand the sick kids! My baby has been sick like three times in six months. So much for the theory breast fed babies don't get sick. Tell me about GOOT.

Unknown said...

Too bad for little Caleb. I hope he gets to feeling better soon.

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