Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thoughts about my selfish wife :)

This is actually the husband mentioned several times in Lena's Blog. She asked me to post a quick thought.

Interestingly enough, Lena's last entry created some concerns with loved ones and friends about her becoming selfish or at least thinking more about herself more then others.

First off, as her husband, that isn't true. I have a very sweet, loving, unselfish wife.

But for all those who had concerns let me tell you that I see where you are coming from with her last entry. I believe she wrote something like "I need my needs met and then everything else will work out." It was just a poor wording. Lena and talked about it and this is more of what it should have said.

"As I do those things that make me happy and do those things that bring light and enthusiasm into my life, I am then able to share that light, happiness, and joy of life with those I serve. As a young woman's leader, I have to show up fill with this genuine energy and enthusiasm that is so desperately needed in the life of these girls. If I show up depressed and lifeless, the girls will respond in the like manor. Think of the "goth" look that is so prevalent these days! I have to be able to share light! Look around you. Some people have a beautiful light in their eyes. They make you smile with their spontaneous smiles. These people are happy because something in their life is fulfilling them...something is filling their cup so it spills over onto us. I gather MY personal light from learning, helping, writing, and staying close to the Lord. This is why my plate is full. Or I should say, this is why my CUP is full. I am now constantly filling it and sharing it with those I love."

This is just a thought. Don't take anything too serious or get offended at anything here. We love you and we know you all love us. That's all that is important. We thank you for reading our blog and staying in touch with us and hope you will continue to do so and continue leaving your comments.

Thank you again,

Leif (the hubby)

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Molly said...

Best of luck in your many pursuits.

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