Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Our First Day Of School and Our Food Philosophy

Well, as you may note from my last post we started school today. I'm actually not worried about Jakob's school day. Of course we explained to Jakob that when the teacher said ugly, she didn't mean it in a mean way and that the ugly duckling wasn't really ugly, it was very special, just like all of us. When it comes to snacks, I just thought it was very ironic that the teacher provided that kind of snack after she and I had an in depth conversation about healthy snacks. But, I can't worry too much about those things. We had to except long ago that Jakob is a member of the world out side of our little family bubble. We try not to shelter him to an extreme from different foods that he might be offered. We don't eat some of them in our home, so when he gets them I just tell myself it's not a regular part of his diet and move on.

Jakob understands that there are healthy foods and foods that are just made to taste good and eat at special times. One of the ways that we have taught him this is to play a game while we eat. As we eat we go around the table and quiz each other on what each of the foods on our plate does for our body. Jakob loves this because his goal right now is to grow as big as he can, as fast as he can! So the thought of food and sleep helping him reach these goals are very exciting to him.

ANYWAY... sorry about the tangent. Our day went really well! Last week I took a day and made a detailed schedule for our family to follow as we try to juggle everything that we've taken onto our plate. It Worked! Life could have been a nightmare today. But everything went really smooth. I think the only person who might not get all of the time that he needs is Leif. I do worry about this... We'll have to try and make a point of sending him off to do his homework when it's time.

I have already learned some fascinating things and look forward to learning more. Jakob is excited to have some friends and it makes life so much easier to have him be entertained by someone else for three hours of the day. Caleb slept during those three hours. So, I'm set!

I realize that it's only the first day. But it sure will be nice if things keep going like this...

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