Sunday, September 21, 2008

Walls, Organization, and Building Plans

My previous post mentioned that I thrive on change. One of the ways that I keep my sanity is by constantly making upgrades to our living space. My husband is a very patient man. He is the one who has to carry out my "projects." I try really hard to keep my projects as realistic. But realistic doesn't always mean easy.

Yesterday was "Wall" day. For the two years up to this point our walls have been sections of paneling and curtains. We had the curtains up because we needed to be able to get behind the wall to the storage space behind. But I am weary of the inconsistent wall design. So... Leif made some Wall-Doors. We put panels up that are secured by hinges and a little lock. This makes it so we can open and shut the door, but it looks like the rest of the wall (for the most part.)

Before the Wall-Door, Jakob's extra toys were bagged and tossed behind the wall. I knew he had a lot of toys, but I didn't know exactly how many toys he had, until yesterday. Jakob and I organized his toys yesterday. Leif helped me set up some makeshift shelves (some of you might recognize our old camping cot) and I was able to neatly organize the family toy space. Now we can open the "toy wall" (as it has now been labeled) every Monday night after Family Home Evening and switch out toys. We can only have about three buckets of toys out at a time because of our little living space.

Last night Caleb helped us make up our minds to move forward on our next building plans. We are going to build two closet size spaces off of our bedroom against the back of the kitchen wall. Caleb will sleep in one room and the other nook will be our clothes closet. Caleb had to fuss himself to sleep last night and it was really nerve racking trying to keep him from waking Jakob up, let alone falling asleep ourselves. I really look forward to being able to put Caleb in his own room.

Once all of our projects are done I will be able to paint. I look forward to that. But I am having a problem deciding on the colors... What colors go well with sunshine Yellow? That's the color of the current walls. I will be sponge painting accent colors in each of the rooms. I think we will let Jakob paint murals on his walls.

These changes are good!


Steph said...

I always feel better when I have things organized. I like change as well and have a very patient husband. Good thing that we married good guys!

Nicole said...

I love the idea of swapping out toys. My mom keeps telling me to do it. And every baby is different. Isabelle has a hyperactive brother to keep up with....and I mean hyperactive.

Sharane said...

Way to be resourceful with your space! I hope your next project goes well!

-Sharane :)

Sandra said...

You'll have to post pictures when you have finished it. Good luck.

Molly said...

Sounds like some interesting ideas with the walls. Good luck with it all.

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