Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mission Accomplished! ... Reasons For Doing So Much

Thanks to my mother in law, I finally took my Entrance Exam yesterday! Everything went very smooth. The results were exactly as I predicted great reading and writing, poor math. I'm enrolled in English 101 and a basic computers (an easy class to get me up to 6 credits.)

I have been lovingly warned on a couple occasions that my plate might be too full right now. Let me share my reasons for this. Before I signed up for all of these classes I had to do a lot of pondering. I had to decide where I was personally and where I wanted to be.

My first question to myself was:
Who am I? Well, I am Lena Baron: Wife, Mother, Daughter, Young Women leader, Visiting Teacher, Friend, and a Daughter of God.
My next question: What do I Love doing? I love spending time with family (especially when Leif is with me.), I love gaining new knowledge in many subjects, and I love sharing the knowledge that I gain, most of all I love helping others feel better because of the knowledge that I share. Next Question: What can I do to meet my needs of gaining and sharing knowledge and also fulfil the other responsibilities that I have? Well, my first priority is my husband and children. You know the phrase "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy"? That is most definitely true in our home. So in order to meet everyone else's needs, my cup has to be full first. If my cup is full, I am able to spread myself thinner and make the sacrifices necessary for everyone else including my church callings.

That is where the schooling, blogging, scriptures, and prayer come in. If I'm able to dabble in all of these things each day, then my cup is full enough to fill the other cups I need to fill. It's pretty much as simple as that. I need to fulfill my needs and then everything else falls into place. The key is to reevaluate often how everyone (including myself) is doing and rearrange accordingly. So far, our current plans are working out fine.


Sandra said...

Good luck with schooling. I figure I will start back up when the kids are all in school. I only have about a year and a half if I go full time. I started taking one or two classes after Luke was born but I found it too hard to study with three little ones. I cup has to be full also. I somtimes can overfill it though and that makes a mess (like staying online to long and ingnoring my kids) does that make sense?

Lena Baron said...

Absolutely! I guess that's where frequent evaluation comes in and then being willing to make the changes that need to be made, even if it means less time for yourself.

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