Sunday, July 12, 2009

Afternoon Walk Through The Wildflowers: Cedar Breaks

Leif managed to pry me away from my computer and the house yesterday. I am so glad that he did! We took the afternoon and went up to Cedar Breaks. We had a wonderful time walking along a couple of little trails and experimenting with our camera. It was warm and then chilly with some rain, then warm again. The wild flowers are out and it was beautiful. I remember going to Cedar Breaks with my family and have a great time. Great Memories! I felt so rejuvenated after such a long week!

That evening we went to Leif's brother's house and had a fabulous shish-ka-bob dinner together. We stuffed ourselves! We then filled up even more on delicious smores. We visited until late into the night and still could have stayed longer. It was soo nice to just sit out on their porch and enjoy the peace that surrounds them in their little mountain town.

This first slide show is a show of my favorite pictures from the outing:

This next show is the other 4o Great pictures:)


Patricia Potts said...

Wow! you have become quite the photographer!! Beautiful flowers, family photos too! I loved the bee shots too!!! WOWWW!!!!

Heidi Hamilton said...

Ditto my mom - great pics!

Molly said...

I love flower pictures. I take them whenever I see flowers.

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