Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Reward and Walking in Sharon Old's Shoes

The Reward and The Exceptionally Perfect Mother are two poems that reflect the "behind the scenes"of my writing world. I am a wife and mother before anything else,(at least I'd like to think so.) I often wish that motherhood came as easy to me as my writing does at times.

Written July, 2009

The Reward

The sun has set
kids tucked in
Time for the paycheck.
Reward for a long day
Putrid diapers, sassy preschooler, busy toddler, piles of homework
Soon it will all fade away into the night
the reward soothing the frazzled soul

Walking in Sharon Old’s Shoes: Mimicking The Language of the Brag
The Exceptionally Perfect Mother

I have wanted to be an exceptionally perfect mother
I have wanted to use my excellence in the art of patience,
and my soft touch and quick laughter
to achieve something akin to angelic from my child,
the request calmly made,
the immediate response from the requests recipient my amazing mothering skills vibrating throughout our immaculate surroundings.

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