Monday, July 20, 2009


Upon entering my Creative Writing Course, I was an arrogant amateur writer who was in for an eye opener. I initially signed up for the class because I felt confident in my writing and I needed an easy class for the Summer Semester. It didn’t take long before I caught a glimpse of what was really in my future.

I didn’t understand how narrow minded my writing voice had become until my Professor asked me to write a whole new piece for our first Creative Nonfiction assignment, different from the one that I had originally turned in. Her expertise in the field of writing immediately honed in on the fact that I was stuck as a writer. I was writing about the same thing repeatedly, with an occasional difference in the perspective. She forced me to step into a new world of writing and I fought the change.

Gradually, I accepted the newfound knowledge and began experimenting with and applying the new understanding. The results were thrilling, and encouraging. I am now able to explore topics and genre that I have not been able to attempt up to this point.

Unfortunately, my weakness is grammar and the technicalities of writing. This makes me extremely grateful for a high quality spell check on the computer. I believe I will gradually overcome this through trial and error as well. Fiction is also a weakness, simply because I lack experience. However, I have found a sense of contentment as I work on my current fictional piece. This brings me hope.

Overall, this Creative Writing Course has changed me; I have established a stronger, more defined writing voice. I am thrilled to say that I am looking forward to writing with a new set of wings. Thank you very much for the push, Professor!

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