Saturday, July 11, 2009

Leif's Offering Massages in SL: Schedule Now!

We're coming into Salt Lake for a family reunion the weekend of the 24th-27th. We would like to stay longer and visit with family and friends. Leif always regrets not bringing his massage table when we come because he has a lot of people who ask him for a massage. So, this time we want to plan ahead.

If you are interested in a massage sometime within the last week of July, let us know! Leif charges 35$ per 1 hour. He can do the massage in Sandy (at my parent's house.) Or, he can come out to you if it works with the schedule.

The table takes up a lot of space, and the massages take up time and energy. So we'll only be able to follow through with this idea if we get several appointments. So talk to your friends and family and let us know ASAP!


Sandra said...

Ohhh.. a massage that would be nice. We will be in Duchesne that weekend though.

Patricia Potts said...

Thanks for letting us know. Our renter is a massage therapist so I'll decline but I hope it goes well!!!

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