Thursday, July 16, 2009

How I Have Done

In order for my children to read about how I have coped this week, I need to write about it. So, I will.

Dear Children,

Finals week for college is known for it's heavy load. As a young adult, I felt an arrogant pride when I announced that it was my "finals week" in school. As a mother, now the arrogance is a bit more subdued and is replaced by a state of desperation. I am desperately hoping for mercy, and conclusion. Papa is working on his final projects for school as well. At least we're running the last lap together.

This week I've had to be creative with my time. I also had to compromise on a few things and turn in a research paper that I felt was mediocre. However, my professor wrote me personally to compliment my work. That alone was a great success in my book, I have always craved validation.;)

Papa and I have traded off when it comes to mandatory kid duty. He cooks sometimes, I cook the other times, he helps me figure out technicalities on my school work, and I proof-read his work. I took Caleb for shots and he worked on his paper as the Jakob watched a movie. When we're not "on-duty" we're at our computers. We have THREE computers in our little house, THREE! Yes Jakob, you have a computer to your name at 4 years old. What have we done?... Hopefully, we are showing you that we value education, we have, right??!!!

In conclusion, I have to say that I've made it through this week, because I married the most thoughtful, helpful, giving, and kind man in the world. He has helped me carry the load.
Just as we have helped each other through our finals week of school, we will help YOU when you need help with the load. Where there's a will, there's a way! Together!

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