Sunday, July 19, 2009

There's Something About Hawaii

There's Something About Hawaii was the first piece of writing that I completed for my Creative Writing Course. As I look back at this piece I notice more weaknesses then strengths. This piece reflects my initial refusal to move out of the comfort zone of writing about two very familiar subjects: My twins and Hawaii. I see some creative voice coming through, but I also know of the battle that I was fighting. I had to decided whether or not I was really taking the course to learn how to write something better and new, or just to write to everyone about the same things I always wrote about, was I really there to be taught? Once I accepted my professors offer to show me a new world, the chambers of my creative mind were opened. This battle was similar to the struggle that I write about in this piece to allow the island of Hawaii to change me.

Written July 2009

There's Something About Hawaii

Upon my arrival in Hawaii, I was an uptight, wandering college student searching for something to feel the void in my heart. And within the two years that I lived on the island of Oahu, I found that something I was looking for in the awe and wonder of Hawaii.

It’s impossible to really experience the full beauty of Hawaii without living there for more than a little while. I lived in a large three-bedroom house with nine other girls. We each shared a room with a few other girls. The best part about the home was the ocean view outside the main window. I personally never lost sight of its majesty. Some of my roommates had grown up in Hawaii and had never been to the mainland (continental U.S.) To them, the ocean view was just part of their genetic makeup. For me, it was like reuniting with a dear friend from another lifetime. -Full Story-

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