Monday, July 13, 2009

Thirteen Years From Now

I take on this week in preparation for thirteen years from now. Thirteen years from now my son will come to me in a state of panic. He will tell me that there is no way he can reach the goal, no way to meet all of the deadlines, just No Way! And I will say, "Where there's a will, son, there's a way." I will then take him to the bookshelf in the family library that is lined with the books that were once my blogs. I will turn to the year 2009, summer semester, this section will tell him about how I found the will to meet all of my college deadlines. I only pray that it will be a good example. We shall see...

  • Poetry Piece
  • Advancement on my Final Piece
  • Reading review
  • Final Exam (100 points, no small task)
  • Research Paper (8 pages)
  • No discussion questions up yet, I PRAY they don't appear!!

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