Thursday, March 05, 2009

Blog Book Arrived!

Well, my book arrived yesterday! It was the best part of a really bad mood day!

We've been anxious to see the quality of the book. On a scale of 1-5 here are the scores:

Cover (not graphics): 3-4 Good quality, Not necessarily the BEST. But I'm not afraid to show off the book. The only negative I'm noticing is that the cover boards don't lay flat against the pages at the edges. Almost wonder if there are too many pages for this size book. Not sure... Also, because we chose the wrap style cover the cover seems foggy.
Binding: 3-4 Good quality. But I don't think it would hold up to constant reading and rough handling. But it's a lot better then a 3 ring binder that could come open and spill all or some of the pages out.

Pages (not graphics and content): 5 We didn't even select premium paper and the pages feel great. They Look Great too! The pictures are clear and the backgrounds aren't too overpowering. Really Nice! It's a 208 page book.

Overall Quality: 4

Overall Value: 5 Priceless! We paid around $70.00

This was the first of many books to come. Blurb gives you several choices when it comes to book size, cover style, page layouts, etc. Really Neat!


Sandra said...

Thats awesome. How fun, I might have to look into that. The problem is that some things I post about I wouldn't want in a book. Do you pick which posts or do they just do all of them?

Molly said...

What fun. Several years ago I decided to write a humorous book to give to my family for Christmas. Because of a new baby and then the move during the holiday season last year, the book never got finished and I had absoultly no idea how to self-publish it. I've been using the Blurb program to put it together and that is fun. I'm not sure if I'll go through them or not when it comes time to print it. I'm not completely finished writing it yet. The book is looking like it is going to be 70 pages and to print that and then buy 1 for each family might just be too expensive. So, I don't know. It might never happen, but it is fun to use the program and see what it could look like.

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