Sunday, March 01, 2009

Mama's Health Update

Forgive me for these posts. Just ignore them... They're (you got it!) For the Record.

It has been one month since I adjusted my anti-depressant meds. I went off Wellbutrin and moved my Paxil down to 10mg instead of 20mg.

I haven't had the nightmares or bad dreams more then a couple of times. So that is a Huge improvement. My mood is stable most of the time. However, the last few days have been really unstable. Unfortunately, I have gained a couple of pounds:( and I am having a difficult time loosing weight. I am going to have to buckle down and exercise (Heaven Forbid!:) I struggle with getting to sleep off and on (possibly due to Caleb not nursing as much/lack of that hormone), and my body aches have returned. The aches are not as intense as they have been in the past. They could be from the fact that SSRI's have been used to treat pain (serotonin is a pain reducer) and because I cut down on my meds they pain is showing up again. It could also be because SSRI's have been known to block sodium absorption in the body which leads to muscle pain. Either way, it looks like I probably have to go back up to the 20mg per day. I am going to take 10mg in the morning, and 10mg at night. I wish there was a way to take 15mg per day. But the pills only come in 20mg and can only be broken once.

UPDATE: March 8th

The day after I wrote this I realized that I felt MUCH better then the previous three days. Then through happenstance (not) I ended up studying about vitamin B for school. I realized two things:

1. The last few day's struggles were most likely due to my menstrual cycle that I can't really follow clearly because I am still nursing and not bleeding.

2. I am most likely Vitamin B deficient. I have known this in the past and formulated a Mega Vitamin B complex for myself (and others who are interested) I took it for a while and felt better... and you know how it is, you feel better and forget the problem you just solved. Anyway, I have decided not to up my meds but to take my Mega vitamin B for the next month and see how things go. I am also studying up on parasites because it looks like that is a huge possibility in my world right now, GROSS!! So, that's my update.


Patricia Potts said...

I have found a lot of help with a natural suppliment (in addition to lithium) called Neurozone. I give more into. on my website (, just scroll down to the bottle called NEUROZONE. I hope it helps. It has helped a lot of us.

Melissa F said...

I just realized I didn't check the date of this post and you are probably sick of me commenting, but I'm just crusing through your life in reverse (blog most recent on top).
ANYWAY - to the point. My little Leah has to take an anti-malaria medicine. We all do. Well her dosage is a 10th of a pill. How do we break that? Well, I had to go to a special compounding pharmacist in Denver, Wise Pharmacy. Just wondering if there is any way they could create the perfect sized pill for you i.e. 15 mg. Just a thought.

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