Friday, March 13, 2009

Our Garden and Yard Plans

We live on Leif's parent's property. They built a large "Barn" that is actually a garage with a 800 sq/ft apartment above the garage. We have gradually made the apartment into our home. When it comes to the yard space around the garage it would be considered partly finished, and that depends on who you're talking to:) We have all used the majority of the space as a garden through the last few years. This year, we're getting down to business.

Leif's dad built a huge green house many years ago. Right now, the green house is being used as a storage space. Soon, we are going to organize it and put it to proper use. We are going to grow our garden in grow boxes in the green house. This type of gardening is supposed to help save on water. Living in the hot climate during the Summer, our gardens require A LOT of water to maintain growth. Hopefully this will be a fun way to help us save some money. We're planning on growing a lot of different plants this year. Even the root veggies like onions, garlic, and potatoes. It will be quite the project! My goal is to actually grow a decent crop of herbs that I can actually use. And my next goal is to grow the right foods to bottle a few different kinds of yummy salsas and some Pesto for pastas. Wish us luck!

Going along with new ideas, we've got a doosy! We're pondering the idea of getting a few chickens and MAYBE a goat. WHY you ask? Well... We can eat their eggs, and they eat our bugs:) Not that we have a ton of bugs, but we won't have any with chickens. They also go along with our family goal of preparing to be self reliant if needs be. We have the room, so why not. Now the GOAT, well, that's just my crazy idea of a lawn mower. :) Bless that little goats heart! We're still pondering that idea!

When it comes to landscaping the yard I'm excited about our plans. We're going to put grass in half of the space that we have been using as a garden. On the grass we will bring out the trampoline for Jakob and Leif to play on. For me, we will plant a row of roses to line the yard. We will also build or buy some type of shade maker (like that description:) Something like an arbor or something to sit under to give us shade. Somewhere in the yard we will dig a fire pit and put benches around it too. I'm really looking forward to it!


Molly said...

We've wanted chickens for years. I actually called the last city we were in and asked. They said no. Now we are living in a brand new neighborhood with an association. Definatly no to chickens. Someday... when we have our land... we'll have chickens. I've seen people keep goats, but it wouldn't be practial for us. None of us like goat's milk and it would be a waste. So, we will think about a cow... maybe... someday... Chickens and a cow. We would be set!

I have so many great home ideas for self-reliance, but until we can get our land... they will remain ideas. Good luck to you.

Sandra said...

You should post a picture of your yard so we an picture what it will look like. It sounds great though. I love to garden, it's relaxing. Well until the end of the summer comes and then I get tired of it. It could also be that most of the time I'm big and prego or just pregnant. Anyway, we have a little box garden but Kevin would like to make it bigger. My mom has a wall hanging that says "don't plant more than your wife can care for" Thats how I feel! We haven't tried potatoes but this year I'll have to plant cherry tomatoes because the kids loved to eat the neighbors last year. We do beans, onions, carrots, squash and tomatoes. I have tried corn but it always got ear wigs and it freaked me out Ha ha.

Steph said...

I would love to have chickens! Scott's aunt and uncle (on his mom's side) have chickens and every so often they will give us fresh eggs and they are AH-MAZING. I can't believe the difference!

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