Monday, March 23, 2009

Goats - Gardening - and Chickens

On Friday we worked out in the yard all day. We got a lot accomplished, but I was EXHAUSTED! I think I got too much sun... Leif did a whole lot more then me and he didn't fall apart... Crazy! But this is all beside the point. We borrowed a couple goats while we were gardening. Our neighbor brought them over and they ate weeds and got tangled in their ropes all day long. It was actually kind of fun.

Our little family liked having them here. But I'm not sure everyone was so thrilled about the idea of getting our own. By the end of the day the "farm smell" was noticeable. I did a little research and the goat experts say that if you take care of the goats well enough that they shouldn't stink (unless they are males, then the ALWAYS stink) No male goats for us! We're pondering a couple of miniature goats... But we'll see.

Leif cleaned out the green house area that we're going to use. That was a lot of hard work! I planted seeds (not very hard.) And Leif trimmed a bunch of tree limbs to let the sun in. Unfortunately, he cut a limb that his dad had been nurturing through the years to use as a tree swing branch. We felt REALLY bad about that!!! Ahhh, the joys of sharing a yard...

Saturday morning was our Chicken Decision Day. We decided which breeds we wanted and then we placed our order. Can you believe that we will be getting our chicks in the mail! It's like the Stork Delivery Tale in real life!:) We ordered 6 hens and 2 roosters. So around April 21-22 we'll get a special delivery of chicks. We'll actually get around 29 chicks in all. Because we combined our order with Leif's brother's 21 chicks. YEP! 21! Here are some photos of our chickens. They are going to be fun!

Araucanas/Americanas: These chickens are known as the "Easter Egg Chickens" because they lay multi-colored eggs (blue and green colors.)We ordered 2 of these because they will be so fun!

Golden Laced Wyandottes:We ordered a hen and a rooster of this breed.

Crested Chicken: There are several types of Crested Chickens. We aren't sure which one we will get. We hope it's this color. We ordered a hen and rooster of this breed.

Red Star: This is our classic brown egg laying hen.

Partridge Cochin: This is our Mother Hen. She'll lay eggs. But we'll eventually let her raise chicks. She is the classic mother hen.

When the chicks arrive we will keep them inside for just over one month. Then they will move outside into the coop that we've made/are making for them. It will be a new experience for me. But I think it will be a good one!


Sandra said...

My sister has like 10 hens and 1 rooster. She lost one when her daughter left one out of the coop and their dog got it :( You'll have to post pictures when you get them. That is pretty funny that they are mailed. Oops about the branch, hopefully he wasn't too upset.

Patricia Potts said...

I felt like I just spent the day on a farm!
I'd love to get your address again because someday I'd like to drop by.
My brother, Burton, has goats. He knows first hand all about them. If you ever want to talk to him I'll give you his number.
You are doing go good!! Your enthusiasm blesses us all.
Love ya

Melonee said...

The goats are cute! I had goats growing up. They make fun pets, but they are stubborn and won't necessarily eat what you want them to! If left on ropes or chains, they will tangle with each other, trees, anything in their way... they do much better penned, and they are safer from predator attacks too. Ours were always part pygmy, so they were never big. Usually a combo of pygmy and alpine.

Anyways, the chicks sound exciting! You guys are so motivated, I'm trying to take inspiration from you!! Keep up the hard work!

Karin Shannon said...

You look so good. and happy

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