Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Saint Patrick's Day

Holidays are so fun when you are surrounded by children! Leif works at an elementary school. So he had a fun day all dressed in green. He also wore his Bowler hat made authentically made in Ireland. Jakob was so excited to go to school today! He made a point of making sure his "Green Clothes" were clean for the special day ahead. hen he got home from school he enthusiastically told me about how funny it was that the mischievous leprechaun stole Miss Lindsey's hat and sneakily opened the gate to the chicken coop and scattered the chickens throughout the yard;) Such precious times...

I was inspired by Jakob's stories. I decided to join in the fun! I made cookies for everyone. They were very tasty coconut cookies. I even made my own green food coloring with Spinach juice. They turned out so good we've eaten the whole batch!
After we ate a bunch of cookies we went outside to work in the garden. The spring that I was pregnant with the twins we planted a Wild Flower Garden. All of the flowers bloomed while I was in the hospital and during the days after the girls' birth. Each year after that we have tended that garden in memory of our girls. This year we decided to mix things up a bit and plant bulbs.
We're really excited! I'll post pictures throughout the season.

After we worked in the garden we came in and ate some delicious chicken noodle soup given to us from the sweet lunch ladies at the school that Leif works at. Then to close our special day we went to the park. Leif and Jakob had a great time playing basketball with our new glow in the dark basketball.

Turned out to be a great day!


Sandra said...

How fun. Don't tell my kids about the glow in the dark basketball...I would never here the end of it. :)

Patricia Potts said...

Looks like ye had the luck o the Irish with ya. Ye bein green and oll! Mighty fine famlee ye hove now Lena, mighty fine indeed!

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